Consulate Miami - Czech Republic

  Consulate Miami - Czech Republic

Czech Consulate in Miami
Consulate of the Czech Republic in Miami

Miami - USA

Consulate Miami - Czech Republic



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Consulates in Miami: Miami is a major tourist destination in the state of Florida. Especially South American and European tourists visit Miami frequently. To serve these foreign tourists as well as Miami citizens there are many foreign consulates located in Miami. The majority of foreign consulates in Miami are from South American and European countries.
Assistance by a Miami consulate - a Miami Consulate would usually offer limited services as part of their parent Embassy in Washington. These consular services are offered at a local level, often providing more rapid service, such as in the provision of replacement and new passports, visa information and usually together with other general consular services available to Miami citizens.
For additional Miami consulate information please contact the Miami consulate directly. When there is no consulate located in Miami you can either contact a consulate in a neigboring state or contact the embassy in Washington DC. We provide contact information of all the Foreign Consulates located Miami Florida. This website has no connection with Miami Consulates featured on

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Consulate Miami - Czech Republic  Consulate Miami - Czech Republic  Consulate Miami - Czech Republic  Consulate Miami - Czech Republic

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Consulate of Czech Republic in Miami

Embassy Czech Republic in Miami